City planners and councillors are envisioning an ambitious plan that could re-shape Toronto’s largest thoroughfare over the next four years.

Yonge Street, in the downtown core, spans from Queen Quay to Bloor Street, and has long been one of the city’s main arteries. And according to city Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam, Yonge is also a source of frustration for pedestrians.

“People moving north and south on Yonge Street, there is a lot of people. Sometimes there are so many people, they are literally pushed onto the road, onto oncoming traffic,” Wong-Tam said.

“And we know that that’s not a healthy, vibrant neighbourhood condition that we want to see moving into the future.”

The project — led by Jennifer Keesmat, Chief Planner for the City of Toronto and Wong-Tam — is in the discussion phase and requests for proposal (RFP) are being received by the city.

While details are not set in stone, the aim is clear: make Yonge Street more accessible for pedestrians.

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