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Restored glory on the way for Massey Hall: Hume

CHRISTOPHER HUME – TORONTO STAR Fortunately for Massey Hall, people don’t love buildings just because they’re beautiful. Though its handsome red-brick façade was long ago disfigured by fire escapes and acid rain, the Shuter St. venue could well be Toronto’s most beloved structure. There’s no way to prove this, but it seems everyone has his own personal relationship with the venerable music hall. For many, it came back in the days when every second school orchestra ended up playing there during the Kiwanis Festival. Now the 120-year-old concert venue will be refurbished, remade and reconnected with the city it has served forever. Contributions from all three levels of government and several private foundations mean work can finally begin. As Massey Hall CEO Charlie Cutts explains, the intention is to “Improve everything and change nothing.” The irony — if that’s the right word — is that the hall itself remains the finest in Toronto. No other place comes close in terms of acoustics, aural warmth and a sense of intimacy that leaves audiences feeling they are part of the performance. New halls have much to offer — Roy Thomson is a landmark, the Four Seasons Performing Arts Centre has the best [...]

Massey Hall to undergo $135 million renovation

Chris Bateman – blogTO Massey Hall is going to get a comprehensive $135 million renovation over the next seven years that will will see the venerable 2,700-seat auditorium significantly upgraded and expanded for just the second time in its lengthy history. Originally announced in April 2013, the first phase of renovations will add a loading dock, backstage, and technical facilities to the rear of the 120-year old Shuter St. building using land made available by the developers of the Massey Tower, a 60-storey residential building currently under construction on Yonge St. The Albert Building, a former janitor’s residence turned backstage area, will be demolished to make way for the new facilities. The second phase, which is due to begin in 2019 following completion of the Massey Tower, will see the exterior and interior extensively renovated. All 2,753 seats will be replaced, outdoor walkways will be added to improve the flow of people through the building, and the plaster ceiling will be restored with the original stained glass. The hall could close for up to two years during this time, the owners say. Massey Hall was built in 1894 with funds donated by Hart Massey, an agricultural equipment manufacturer. The building [...]